N2OFF Inc.

N2OFF Inc. is a pioneering agri-food tech company dedicated to developing sustainable solutions for the plant-based food industry. Operating through two subsidiaries and one affiliated company, we deliver integrated solutions for enhanced safety, quality, and sustainability “from field to fork.”

At N2OFF Inc., we are committed to driving positive change in the agri-food tech industry through innovation. For more information on our subsidiaries Save Foods Ltd., N2OFF Ltd. and affiliated company Plantify Foods Inc., please visit our website.

Save Foods Ltd.

Our majority owned Israeli subsidiary, specializes in post-& near harvest treatments for fruits and vegetables and regulated by the CDPR in California (California Department of Pesticide Regulation).

By controlling and preventing pathogen contamination, we significantly reduce the need for hazardous chemicals and extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

N2OFF Ltd.

Formerly “Nitrousink”- another majority-owned Israeli subsidiary, is focused on mitigating N20 (nitrous oxide) emissions in agriculture. A potent greenhouse gas, our innovative solution reduces greenhouse gas emissions, promoting environmentally friendly and economically viable agricultural practices.

Plantify Foods Inc.

Our minority-owned Canadian subsidiary listed on TSX-V, offers a diverse range of clean label healthy food options. Our products are nutritious, gluten-free, non-allergenic, and made with whole natural ingredients, providing convenient and wholesome choices for consumers.